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CMS 2019 Feedback

Day 1: October 8th

Keynote:Forrester-Cinny Little

Session 1: Using Market Research to Complement Competitive Initiatives

Session 2: Gathering Trade Show Intelligence

Session 3: Leveraging Third-Party Testing for Product Validation

Session 4: Driving Competitive Marketing Results Through Emotional Intelligence

Session 5: Sustaining a Competitive Advantage Through Segmentation


Session 6: Innovation-driven Disruptive Product, Marketing, and Competitive Strategies

Session 7: Panel: Apples and Oranges are Still Fruit

Day 2: October 9th

Session 8: Fireside Chat: Win/Loss

Session 9: From Battle Cards to Playbooks-Impactful Competitive Collateral

Session 10: Case Study: How Twilio Scaled Its Competitive Function

Session 11: Fireside Chat: Ask the Competitive Expert

Session 12: Partnering with Sales to Displace the Competition

Session 13: Where Competitive Marketing Meets Design Thinking to Drive the Experience Economy

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