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The Competitive Marketing Virtual Summit is the #1 competitive intelligence conference dedicated to the high-tech industry. The conference is designed at the intersection of product, competitive intelligence, and sales enablement.

The conference is designed with a linear format. Each modular session is self-contained yet builds on the knowledge gained from previous sessions. Sessions follow the intelligence cycle from information collection through sales team distribution.

Each comprehensive session averages 45-minutes and is delivered by an industry expert, not a sponsor. Attendees can feel confident that they are receiving actionable material, not a sales pitch.


Ben Scheerer, Founder

Currently Ben is both the co-founder of the Competitive Marketing Summit and a member of the portfolio marketing team at Red Hat, Inc. focused on competitive marketing and research. Prior to Red Hat, Ben’s 20+ years of industry experience includes competitive marketing at VMware, product marketing at Quest Software and software sales, consulting, product and solutions marketing at CA Technologies. Ben’s contributions include; numerous speaking engagements, published articles and white papers on IT management related topics. Ben holds a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems from The University of Denver, an undergraduate degree in marketing from Western Michigan University and is ITIL® V3 Foundation certified.

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