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What is Competitive Marketing?

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Competitive Marketing is the acquisition and assimilation of competitive intelligence into the marketing, sales, and business functions to better position and differentiate your company, products, and services.

Competitive Marketing
Competitive Marketing
  • Competitive Analysis

  • Market Analysis

  • Technical Tear-downs

  • Win/Loss Analysis

  • Field Feedback

  • Customer Satisfaction/Sentiment

  • Competitor Sales Process

  • Digital Marketing data

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Analyst Relations

  • Customer retention programs

  • Awareness initiatives

  • Competitive Replacement initiatives

  • SEO refinement

  • Strategy Refinement

  • Product/Service requirements

  • Sell Against Guides/Battlecards

  • Responses to market events (internal)

  • Thought Leadership, POVs

  • Digital and Marketing

  • Customer acquisition programs

  • Public Relations

  • Positioning, messaging, and differentiation

Competitive Marketing
Competitive Marketing
  • Attract new customer segments

  • Grow, retain and upsell existing customer segments

  • Increase salesforce effectiveness and KPIs

  • Invest in innovation and product lines
    NPI or EOL

  • Invest in functional groups or reallocate budget

  • Strategy

  • M&A

Webinar Replay - Competitive Marketing 101: What it is, why you need it, and how to identify opportunities for greatness

Competitive Marketing 101
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