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Justification Letter

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Re: Competitive Marketing Summit 2019


Hi [first name],


Do you remember how we all agreed on improving our competitive initiatives this year? Well, I think I just figured out a way to significantly accelerate that effort. I was reading about the Competitive Marketing Summit that takes place on October 7-9, 2019 in Denver. Based on last year's content, sponsors, and titles of attendees, we definitely need to send someone. And I would like that person to be me! Therefore, I’m writing this letter to get your approval to attend.

The Competitive Marketing Summit is a based on a single, transformative idea: Competitive information does not live in a silo, and shouldn't be ignored by the product marketing and product management functions.  Other competitive intelligence conferences are slanted towards the strategy department; they're way too academic. This conference was designed by product marketers with a product-centric view of competitive intelligence. The conference intersects the disciplines of product, competitive intelligence, and sales enablement. You see, it’s all about infusing intelligence into our day-to-day marketing activities and going from reactive to proactive.


Here’s why it’s unique: There are 14 sequential sessions; each session builds on the previous one.  And the conference is mapped to each of the competitive intelligence phases. Most other industry conferences have breakout sessions; you have to sacrifice between pertinent and relevant sessions happening at the same time. With this conference, there's no fear of missing out.

That’s true intelligence, and the Competitive Marketing Summit will explore new models of how to harness this intelligence. In addition, I’ll get to:

•      Learn from 15+ speakers - both thought leaders and practitioners who will be sharing their ideas and expertise.

•      Network with 150+ product marketing, product management, and competitive intelligence professionals who are incorporate intelligence into their functions.

•      Toolkits and templates, that can be used on our day-to-day job, will be provided by each speaker.

•      An expo where I can learn what are the latest IT technologies to incorporate in my practice, including freemium applications.


Here’s an outline of the approximate-needed investment:

 • Airfare (average price): $550

 • Transportation (R/T between airport and hotel): $75

 • Hotel: (2 nights at $180 per night): $360

 • Conference Ticket: $999


Total: $1,984


I’d like to register before prices of travel go up. I can commit to submitting a post-conference report that will include an executive summary, major takeaways, tips, and a set of recommendations to maximize the return on our current investments. I can also share relevant information with key employees throughout the company.


Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.



[your signature]

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