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Join date: May 22, 2019


CEO/Founder Eigenworks

Prior to founding Eigenworks, Alan held senior director and vice president roles in three startups and participated in three successful exits including Fortiva (to Proofpoint, 2008), Wily Technology ($400M to CA in 2006), and Canada’s largest self-funded exit of Sitraka to Quest Software, where Alan was Director of New Products and Innovation. Alan’s experience includes Vice President-level positions covering Product Management, Business Development, and Sales.

Alan is a regular contributor of articles and expertise to industry publications including Pragmatic Marketing, Gainsight’s PULSE series, and the popular blog OnProductManagement, of which Alan is a co-founder. Alan speaks regularly at industry events, including PULSE, TSW, Strategy & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP), and Product Marketing Community.

Alan Armstrong

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