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Emotional Intelligence and Competitive Marketing - It’s a thing!

Hello fellow competitive marketers! I am so very excited to have Gail and Bruce Montgomery from ExperienceYES joining us this Thursday for the webinar “Who Cares About Your IQ! Increase Your Emotional Intelligence and Take Your Competitive Marketing to the Next Level” (March 10, 2022) to present insights (and more) from their recently published book

Gail and Bruce are Competitive Marketing Summit alums from both our 2018 & 2019 conferences (when we actually had in-person conferences), if you have not seen them present before you are in for a real treat!

EI, or emotional intelligence is at the core of understanding how to best work with people (as managers and team players) on a level that is based on understanding the people around you. Leaders and contributors with a high “EQ” will demonstrate “superior communications skills and reduced friction and disagreement”. These concepts dovetail nicely into the requirements of a successful competitive marketing and intelligence professional and team dynamic.

The ExperienceYES team will spend the hour on collaborative exercises (the best we can do with our virtual tools) to reveal and demonstrate the power of EI and our current jobs roles and in life!

Best of all, everyone attending Thursday's event will receive a free copy of their eBook, compliments of the Competitive Marketing Summit.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday, if you are unable to make the live event we will have the replay posted on our webinar page shortly after the event is over.


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