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Leading Up to Next Week’s Competitive Marketing Summit 2019

As we started planning our 2019 conference, I wrote our first blog in 2019 reflecting on the successes that we had in 2018. Now that we are only days away from this year’s event, I wanted to share some of the things we did differently, as well as those successes we are building upon from last year .

  • Industry Analyst Keynote: We are privileged to have Forrester Analyst Cinny Little kick off this year’s conference. Cinny’s research and focus applies directly to the tools and processes we use as competitive and product marketers. Cinny research also covers many of the sponsors at this year’s event, giving attendees the opportunity to explore the best resources to help them succeed in their business and careers.

  • Topic Webinars: New this year, we conducted a successful series of webinars throughout the year leading up to the conference. These webinars included subject matter experts from practitioners to vendors, and included a broad range of topics that will be highlighted at the Summit. All webinars are available for replay.

  • Master Class Workshops: We added 2 optional workshops to day one (Monday, October 7). These were added based on feedback from last year’s attendees where it was said that, “I could really spend several hours digging into this topic”. If fact, we took the two popular sessions from last year and made those into workshops that cover both digital marketing toolsets” and win/loss analysis. We are looking forward to the outcome and feedback on these new additions.

  • Keeping it Intimate: Given the highly focused nature of the Summit (as well as with feedback from last year), we felt that the real value was its intimate nature, that is why we have decided to keep the attendees numbers below 200. This allows all of us to experience a high-touch, collaborative learning environment and gain the most out of the unique material.

Source: The State of Competitive Marketing Survey ©2019 Deepsnow Events LLC

I am very excited to kick off this year’s event with a focus on the skills and tools that you need to be successful as a high-tech product and competitive marketer. Obviously, we have centered our message on “Competitive” plus “Marketing” for a reason. In my own experience, as well as that revealed in the recent “State of Competitive Marketing” survey (take the survey), the competitive function primarily reports up through product marketing. Our conference enables you to realize your full potential as a competitive marketer, while still building (and not sacrificing) the necessary skills as a product marketer – in fact, if competitive is a function of your Product Marketing or Product Management role, you will find that competitive marketing skills and resources will only enhance skills and support your career path.

For those attending, here are a few useful items:

Thank you for your support and I am looking forward to a successful conference this coming week!


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