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How Emotional Intelligence Drives Competitive Marketing Results

Join the highly rated 2018 Competitive Marketing Summit presenters Gail and Bruce Montgomery from ExperienceYes to discuss what happens to your EQ when you apply creative improv concepts to Competitive Marketing.

According to Jason Heller at McKinsey and Company: “Emotion has always been a currency of marketing.” Research shows that increasing emotional intelligence as the advanced method of identifying and distinguishing how to grow in the market, engages consumers in ways that their competitors aren’t necessarily even thinking about yet. The key to understanding that starts with YOU.

There are 4 fundamental “rules” of engagement in improvisation that are at the foundation of ExperienceYes. Those rules are:

  1. Yes, AND…

  2. Listen With Intent To Serve

  3. Support Your Teammates AT ALL COSTS

  4. Trust Your Instincts

A healthy understanding and application of these rules will increase your emotional intelligence. For this upcoming webinar, Gail and Bruce will share how to apply them in your work to help increase your EQ:

Say Yes, AND – Saying “Yes, AND…” allows you to come from a place of agreement. It provides an opportunity for you to drive the response to their need, yielding a collaborative spirit. There is data to show how hearing “NO” delays a person’s ability to feel heard and get back to meaningful output. It also lends itself to an important creative tool called divergent thinking, which is a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. Studies show that children are able to look at objects and think of hundreds of things it could be, while adults have compartmentalized that same object and can rarely envision it as something else. The goal of divergent thinking is to generate many ideas about a topic in a short period of time. They will discuss a few methodologies that will help you learn to integrate this practice into your daily life.

Gail and Bruce at the 2018 Competitive Marketing Summit

Listen To Your Co-workers and Clients With Intent To Serve – Another fundamental rule of improv is listening with intent to serve. Listen without the intent to respond, think of their needs and how you can serve. Wait to reply. Put away distractions and embrace the silence. When you engage in a conversation with another person, the tendency is to infer or finish their sentences. We also tend to focus on OUR goal of the meeting and that focus clouds our ability to meaningfully listen. Using elicitation techniques in conversations can effectively play a significant role in gathering information from clients. Gail and Bruce will introduce simple approaches to strengthening your ability to listen with intent that you can immediately apply.

Support Your Teammates At All Costs –Think of your clients as part of your team and consider what you are doing as “supporting” them, not selling to them. Understand what it means to put your full and intentional support behind both internal and external teams. Use WE not ME. Don’t throw anyone under the bus. Offer to help and support when you see it is needed.This shift in thinking generates a natural by-product within your company as well in the form of cross-functional collaboration and breaking down silos.

Trust Your Instincts – We all have “gut” feelings. It’s easy to dismiss these thoughts as irrational, irrelevant or emotional. Learning to trust your gut and address the WHY of those feelings is imperative in building emotional intelligence. And attention to this will increase your personal emotional awareness of verbal cues and behavior and increase your ability to recognize it in your clients. Gail and Bruce will introduce you to ways in which you can recognize those reactions, interpret meanings and begin to tease out solutions for you and your clients.

This webinar will be an excellent introduction to Emotional Intelligence. Even if you are aware of some of these improv concepts, hearing how to practically apply them in your marketing strategy will shed new light on the necessity to utilize them. Putting these concepts into practice will allow you to reap the benefits as they radiate outward to colleagues and clients, forging new and more meaningful business relationships.

How Emotional Intelligence Drives Competitive Marketing Results

Mar 21, 2019 2:00 PM Eastern Time 11AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)


Gail Montgomery - CEO ExperienceYes

Before founding ExperienceYes in 2013, Gail spent time in a variety of industries, notably as a Human Resources professional for a Fortune50 company headquartered in New York City where she streamlined hiring processes and developed her own playbook for hiring the “right” candidate. As Executive Director of a local non-profit arts organization, she brought her professional rigor and creative thinking to a company in need of creative guidance. Gail is passionate about culture and innovation and is co-author of the recently published book Brain Disruption: Radical Innovation in Business through Improv, where she explores the neuroscience behind creativity and how to move teams to that next inspired level.

Bruce Montgomery - President ExperienceYes

Before founding ExperienceYes in 2013, Bruce spent 5 years as the senior IT leader for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, the largest non-profit theatre company in the country, where he was responsible for IT strategy, infrastructure, customer data, and business intelligence. Prior experience includes over 15 years in IT and Management consulting, where he was focused on driving adoption through structured change management and training & development. Driven by creativity and the need for answering the question, “What’s next?”, Bruce co-authored the recently published book Brain Disruption: Radical Innovation in Business through Improv, where he explores how the mechanics of improv can drastically change team performance and organizational culture.

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